Must-attend Events & Programming

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We host a happy hour every month.

A ton of people show up, talk shop, and exchange knowledge. It’s low-pressure, and comes with a free beverage. Who knows who you’ll meet? Everyone on our mailing list gets invited, but you can also check our calendar for the next happy hour’s date, time, and location.


Let’s educate ourselves

We hold skillshare conferences with a for-us, by-us vibe.

Hosted in lobbies, conference centers, and private homes, this skillshare series aims at informing new and longterm freelancers alike on a wide array of important topics, from “Financial Literacy” and “Insurance Strategy” to “Get More Work” and “Legal Stuff.”


Our knockout event of the year

We celebrate the accomplishments of our community in a big way.

Our Holiday Invitational heartily celebrates champions of the independent workforce -- from sponsors to fans, family and friends, and of course freelancers of all kinds. It’s an opportunity for independent workers to see and feel the real impact of their years’ contributions, much in the way traditional end-of-year office parties may for the traditional employee. Except that ours is way more fun :)