What we are and what we’re not

Some Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Freelance League of North Carolina?

We are an advocacy group that promotes the advancement of the independent worker. We are a catalyzing force in the growth of the freelance economy in North Carolina.

What does the Freelance League do?

We host networking events and provide skillshare programming. We create an environment where freelancers connect, find work, share knowledge, and meet new collaborators.

Why should I care?

We’re everywhere! Freelancers are a powerful but oft-overlooked segment of the workforce. It’s time to build the support system freelancers want, and need, to succeed in the future of work.

How can I learn more and/or get connected?

Join our mailing list. Follow Freelance League of NC on LinkedIn. Use the hashtag #FreelanceLeague on Twitter and Instagram.


Who organizes the Freelance League?

The Freelance League was founded by longtime freelancers, Margaret McNab and Julienne Alexander. Co-organizers include Jason Nelson and Mike Weslander. Contributors include Ellen Gowdy and Brandon Mathis. We are all volunteers.

Who attends Freelance League events?

The Freelance League welcomes freelancers and champions of the freelance economy. Our events are frequented by creatives, technologists, writers, marketers, designers, developers, consultants, coaches, scientists, solopreneurs and so on.

What’s the plan for 2019?

We plan to further our mission in 2019 by (1) piloting some new educational programs; and, (2) putting more energy into outreach and connection.

Can I help?

Yes you can! Get involved as a volunteer, contributor or sponsor. Email us at freelanceleague@gmail.com to learn how.